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[Design and Innovation]: Water ATMs, a practical solution for scarcity

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The last data provided by UN reflect that in India one third of the available water is not potable, and the one believed to be, has a 70% chance of being contaminated. Due to this need, those in charge of supplying water in New Delhi, along with a corporation and a charitable institution, have installed a water treatment plant and fifteen water vending machines with which people can charge up to 20 liters of water for a total price of 5 cents of a dollar.

The installation of these ATMs has achieved that more people have a more organized access to a much better quality of water.

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[Organizations]: An intelligent investment in childhood is essential for sustainable development

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Rakesh JV

Photo by Rakesh JV (Flickr user)

Millions of the most vulnerable children in the world still face an imminent death, they live without potable water or toilets, and they can’t go to school. Experience has shown that the construction of a more peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world begins with an intelligent investment in childhood, especially in the most disadvantaged and marginalized children.

From July 13 to 16 the world leaders came together in Addis Abeba for the Third International Conference about Financing for Development. The summit analyzed ways to finance the Sustainable Development Objectives, the program that will substitute the Milenium Development Objectives, which conclude at the end of 2015.

To make a bigger and more intelligent investment in childhood, especially amongst the most marginalized sectors of the population, must be in the center of the debates.

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[Natural resources]: Respecting the ecosystems is key to sustainable development

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Pierre Pocs Photography

Photo by Pierre Pocs Photography (Flickr user)

According to a new report, the maintainance and recovery of healthy ecosystems will be fundamental for the fulfillment of the UN’s Development Agenda.

As global population increases and medium-class grows, people, governments, and companies will have to adopt consumption patterns and production systems that contribute to human well-being “without placing unsustainable pressures over the environment and natural resources”.

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[Society]: Green festivals, a new way to bring sustainability closer to people

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Franco Folini festival verde
Photo by Franco Folini (Flickr user)

In the frame of the global changes that have been taking place during the past decade, it is the context the one that demands a turn towards sustainability. Facing this necessary quest of balance among economic, social and environmental aspects, new ways of bringing this paradigm closer to people are beginning to arise.

A successful way of doing so is promoting festivals in which, trough various activities such as conferences, workshops, music, theater, movies and gastronomy, different topics about sustainability are discussed: healthy life, renewable energies, climate change, energy efficiency, among others.

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[Community]: Students from Mexico and USA work at sustainable development in Valle de Guadalupe

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From June 15 to 25, students from The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) and students from CETYS University worked together at the generation of proposals that contribute to sustainable development at Valle de Guadalupe in Ensenada, Baja California. This initiative is part of the Engineering-Together Sustainable Communities: A US-México Study Abroad Program. 

The objective of this project, in which 17 American UTEP students and 8 Mexican CETYS students participated, is to attend with technical bases the challenges that sustainability in the modern world represents.

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