Hydrocarbons Sector Legislation

Since the approval of the Energy Reform, changes and updates to the Hydrocarbons Laws and Regulation have been increasing within the legal framework:

  • Hydrocarbons Law (August, 2014)
  • Law of the National Agency of Industrial Security, Energy and Protection to the Environment of Hydrocarbons Sector (March, 2015).
  • Attributions to the Energy Regulatory Commission for issuance of permissions for the sale to the public of service stations (January, 2016)
  • Regulations to the Law of Ecological Balance and Environment Protection and the General Law of Integral Waste Management were reformed.
  • States lost attributions to authorize Environmental, Risk and Waste Management Studies of the Hydrocarbon Sector.


Procedures with the federal, state and municipal authorities to obtain the permissions required, according to the type of project.

  • Gas pipelines
  • Service Stations
  • Polyducts
  • Storage and distribution terminals

Service Stations

Compliance methodology of NORMA-EM 001 ASEA or NOM-005 ASEA (project) in service stations:

  1. During project development
    • Pre-assessment of design technical evaluation
    • Social impact
    • Environmental impact
    • Land use, etc.
  2. Construction
    • Authorization for construction
    • Pre-assessment of construction process technical evaluation
    • Operation authorization
  3. Operation
    • Analysis of service station current conditions according to applicable standard
    • Environmental conditions compliance
    • Train licensee and operational staff according to NOM
    • Preparation of a pre-verdict to determine Maintenance and Operation Conformity compliance
    • Elaboration and operation and maintenance manuals based on the station characteristics.

Storage and Distribution Terminals

Development of integral projects for hydrocarbon storage terminals including permissions obtainment, engineering, materials, construction and supervision.


Permissions obtainment with the corresponding federal, state and municipal authorities, according to the case:

  • Tank truck
  • Ducts
  • Vessel


Project planning, organization and control, as well as contact with interested parties such as as suppliers, authorities, investors and others.


Technical Reports Issuance and Technical Evaluations of the Industrial Safety Management Systems, Operational Safety and Environmental Protection applicable to the activities of the Hydrocarbons Sector.


  • Environmental supervision and monitoring on terms and conditions compliance.
  • Current technical – administrative regulations of hydrocarbons sector compliance
  • Management of Hazardous Waste and of Special Handling Plans
  • Restoration of Contaminated Soils
  • Training and Instruction Courses for service stations employees.