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[Organizations]: UN urges to transform consumption patterns

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Sustainable energy is the link that connects economic growth, social equity, and environmental care. Besides, it is essential to fight climate change, says UN’s general vicesecretary Jan Eliasson.

Eliasson called the international community to propose transforming strategies in the next gatherings about development taking place this year in Addis Abeba and New York City, and the one about climate change in Paris, with the objective of ending the unsustainable production and consumption patterns. 

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[Technology]: Say “goodbye” to electrical grids

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Steve Jurvetson
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The firm Tesla Motors launched a battery 100% based on solar energy and it will be available for use at homes. This will allow for a complete independence from electrical grids.

There are batteries that already efficiently store solar energy throught the day, but up to now there were no versions for massive domestic use. Nevertheless, this need has already been covered and launched to the market by Tesla Motors, with the objective that it can be entirely sustainable and with zero carbon emissions.

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[Production and consumption]: Increasing traditional fishing and aquiculture to improve alimentary security of the population

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Traditional fishing and aquiculture in small scale can turn into one of the most effective solutions to the hunger problem that still afflicts over 7 million people in Central America and Dominican Republic, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

“There are significant volumes of traditional fishing and aquiculture that have difficulties entering the export market and that could have a better use for local consumption”, Ignacio Rivera, the sub regional coordinator of FAO for Mesoamerica, points out.

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[Design and Innovation]: More than just necessary objects

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Outside the industry and close to people, social design has transformed into something more ideological than tangible. It appeals to the consumer’s mind and has the objective of transforming the buyer into a critical citizen. From making objects to thinking concepts, that is the reinvention line. It does not only look forward to be necessary; it wants to contribute to change the world.

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